November 22, 2021

It was another busy week in Angel House with home school and other activities with the children. The older ones are excited about Christmas and already counting down the days, for the younger children every day is a new adventure.

Regarding the covid pandemic, things are looking very positive with a downward trend in daily cases in the Philippines at around 1,500 each day. We now have a lot more vaccines coming into the country and nearly 40% of adults are fully vaccinated, with teenagers already beginning to receive the vaccine. More of the economy is opening up with less restrictions and children are allowed to go out for the first time in twenty months. PHOTO: Teenagers now receiving vaccination in the Philippines.


The big question is; when will face-to-face classes start again in schools? Despite distance learning through modules it is accepted that all children are now at least one year behind in their education and so it will take time to gain back that lost knowledge. They are already trialing face-to-face teaching in some schools and we hope that all schools will be open again early next year as our children really need interaction with teachers and other students. PHOTO: Extra precautions for school students.