January 20, 2020

After two busy weeks it was more or less back to our normal routine last week with Day-care and school for the older children and stimulating activities for our infants and toddlers. The weather has been warmer with less rain and so perhaps this is the start of the Philippine summer.

Children of all ages like dressing up and we are lucky to have several donated costumes for them to enjoy imaginative play, the only problem is making sure that they share them! PHOTO: Here we have Spiderman, Santa and a princess posing for a photo.


There have been several cases of polio here in the Philippines and so the Health Department is making a big effort to make sure young children are vaccinated against this terrible disease. Today our infants and toddlers will receive the last of three immunization doses; we always make sure that our children receive all the recommended vaccinations. PHOTO: "we're all dressed up and going in the car; oh no, that means another vaccination!"