August 3, 2020

We had a new admission to Angel House, but it was the canine kind with a handsome three-month old male labrador that came from Davao, thanks to Pascual for giving us this wonderful addition to the Angel House family. He enjoys chasing the children and exploring his new environment; labradors are very intelligent and so we have already started to train him so that he becomes used to young children petting him. PHOTO: One cute puppy.


We have another birthday later this week with toddler MA becoming three-years old; MA has been with us since she was twenty days old and has already been matched with adoptive parents from the Netherlands. Due to the travel restrictions in place due to covid-19 they have not been able to come and take their new daughter, which must be very frustrating for them. PHOTO: MA loves birthday cake and ice-cream so she will definitely enjoy her special day next Sunday.


Thanks to Aime Bagaras from Davao City for bringing clothes, toys, slippers, school supplies, milk and food for our children, we really appreciate your kind heart in these difficult circumstances.