March 30, 2020

The restrictions in place to combat the coronavirus have resulted in many changes to our usual routines at Angel House and we are getting used to life during lockdown. Many of our young children do not really understand why they can’t ride their bicycles outside the center or go for a walk to the playground; at least we do have a large garden where the children can play and stay active. It must be so difficult for families that live in a small house and have limited space for children to play in. PHOTOS: Children and staff take the opportunity to do some gardening.


Looking at what has happened in other countries has made us realize that the Philippine government did the right thing in imposing a lockdown during the early stages of the pandemic; hopefully it will lead to a quicker recovery, though the number of confirmed cases is still trending upward right now and we will have to be patient.

We are thankful that all of our monthly sponsors continue to support our charitable foundation, even though their own incomes are probably impacted by the effects of the coronavirus across the world. Please keep healthy and safe during these challenging times.