November 23, 2020

It was an uneventful week with the usual routines of home-school and other activities around the center; our senior management team are getting used to having virtual meetings online with other agencies, though it is a challenge with our intermittent internet signal here in Angel House.

As Director, it is a welcome relief to get away from my laptop and spend time with the children; their comments are often so amusing. The other day I was looking at a large ant-hill next to a Marang tree and wondering how to remove it when ten-year old KB exclaimed that I should not touch it as it was the home of an elf (Diwindi as it is known here). So of course I left it unharmed!

Being around children all day really gives you a different perspective on life and what is really important, not concerns about funding or paperwork, but more about bicycles, Barbie dolls and cartoon characters, watching cartoon network is a welcome break from the constant TV news about covid-19.