May 10, 2021

One of our little infants returned to his family last week, little MA came to Angel House last November when he was only three days old. Such a happy little baby with a lovely smile and big black eyes, we will all miss having him as part of our family. His father and other siblings live high in the mountains in a very remote community, but they have assured us that they will take good care of this little angel and give him all the love he truly deserves. PHOTO: Little MA is ready to leave Angel House with local social worker, day-care teacher and caregiver.


We have continued our renovation of the original building with painting the office and preparing our counselling / isolation room. Along with new paint, flooring and curtains, we have put in a sofa bed and a desk, so that it can also be used as additional office space. This completes the building renovation and our attention now turns to the garden; we need to add some top-soil before re-seeding the lawn and have hired a full-time gardener to complete this work over the next two months.