February 17, 2020

Our three new children continue to do well, the five-year olds are enjoying attending their Day-care class every weekday morning while the two-year old is happy with activities organized by the Angel House staff. PHOTO: Two-year old JJ enjoying the swing.


Everyone enjoys playing outside in the garden and at the weekend it gets very busy with other children from the neighborhood coming to play with our children. Filipino children are very inventive and can play games using their slippers or just their hands to have fun. PHOTO: Making mud cakes is something children do in every country, but they never taste very good!

This week we will be processing the passport of our two-year old girl as her adoption day comes closer, I’m sure the parents are anxiously waiting for that day to finally come so that they can hug their new daughter. Thankfully, there is now a new passport office in Tagum City, only one hour from Angel House, so we no longer have to make the three hour travel to Davao city.