September 16, 2019

Three-month old baby MC was admitted to hospital on Thursday morning due to a high fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia; after receiving medical treatment she made a fast recovery and was discharged yesterday. We want to thank all the hard-working staff of Lupon District Hospital for taking such good care of the children in Angel House when they are admitted or receiving a medical check-up.

We are hoping to get our three new boys enrolled in the elementary school this week so that they can continue their education and get in to the school routine. They have settled in well and we have employed another resident caregiver to help care for our ever increasing number of children; we are expecting more referrals over the coming month and need to be prepared.

Our two builders are back on site and they have already installed new window screens in Angel House and it makes such a difference; so much more natural light to brighten the rooms. They are now deep in the ground constructing a very big septic tank to cope with all the water from the showers, kitchen and washing machine. Our Director also painted the main dining area a cream color and one of the bedrooms in sunny yellow; he says it saves money on labor and gives him exercise! PHOTO: Lando and his helper constructing the septic tank.