September 21, 2020

All the staff and children were excited to meet our latest admission to Angel House, a four-day old baby boy that was referred by the city social services. Naturally he is very cute and spends most of his time sleeping, but we know that amazing things are happening inside his head as his brain rapidly develops. Our social worker will try to find any relatives before processing the child for adoption. It is nice to have another new-born staying with us and his caregiver is happy to have a baby to care for. PHOTO: Caregiver Tim-Tim with the 2.8kg baby boy.


We are just adding the final details to our new extension building and it looks amazing, check out the photos in next week’s news to see what the inside looks like. When it is complete we will move most of the children into the new bedrooms so that the construction team can renovate the old building; it needs a lot of repairs and modifications so that we can maintain our high standard of care for these little angels.