June 5, 2023

We rescued another little baby that was abandoned by her mother and in desperate need of our care and protection. The parents have been traced and our social worker will have a case conference with them this week to understand their situation and plans for the future of their one-month child. PHOTO: Another cute infant admitted to Angel House.


A very big thank you to Elizabeth Lagadan from Edmonton, Canada, who sent three large boxes of clothes, shoes, books and toys for our kids. We really appreciate these boxes filled will love and packed with care. PHOTO: Our staff sorting through the clothes.


This Tuesday one of our infant boys that has been with us since last October will return to his mother, she is working full-time but has a stable home with other relatives that can help look after her young son. We have enjoyed caring for him and are happy that he is able to be re-united with his family. We will continue to monitor their situation after his placement to ensure that he is loved and well cared for. PHOTO: Ready to go home.