November 28, 2022

Wow, we received so many blessings last week as we admitted FIVE new children to Angel House and in fact they all came within three days! Of course we can’t disclose many details for their privacy, but here is a brief summary of these new arrivals.

Last Wednesday we responded to an urgent call regarding a one-month baby boy, where the birth mother had given her newborn to a neighbor in an illegal adoption, so the social welfare department were obliged to take the child into the custody of Angel House. Our social worker will follow the proper process in making this baby legally available for adoption. This is a reminder to everyone interested in adoption to do it legally through the DSWD. PHOTO: A very cute one-month old joins the family.


On Thursday morning we had a walk-in client from a nearby town that wanted to put her two young children in the temporary care of Angel House as she is a single mother and needs to work in order to provide a better future for her family. The four-year old girl is very confident and settled in quickly, while her seven-month old sister just looks so cute. PHOTO: So nice to have another two girls.


On Friday morning we received two adorable brothers ages four years and two years, they were very quiet and it will take them a few days to settle down and feel at home in Angel House. Their single mother has hearing difficulties and this makes her speech very unclear, so both boys consequently have speech delay. We will send the older boy to Daycare so that he can socialize and begin to communicate more. PHOTO: These two brothers will flourish with our loving care.


So, our hardworking staff are facing the challenges of caring for all of our fourteen children, including four infants; it takes dedication and careful organization to ensure that each child receives all the love and attention they so desperately need.

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Solicitation permit: DSWD-SB-SP-000021-2022, valid June 27, 2022 – June 28, 2023.