July 26, 2021

It was a busy week as we are preparing for several children to leave us soon and so we had many meetings with different relatives and social workers. One of our little infants was also matched with approved adoptive parents through the DSWD and they already visited her to start the bonding process. They are so happy to have such a wonderful gift of a beautiful daughter and are excited to finally bring her home this coming Thursday. Look out for the photos next week!

So this coming week we have the adoption handover on Thursday and then another girl will be returning to her relatives on Friday. On Saturday we have two brothers ages 9 and 10 returning to their family in Mati city and so there will be plenty of tearful farewells, but we are confident that they will all have bright futures ahead of them.

Thanks to the local COMELEC group for donating two sacks of rice that will feed all our children and staff for one month.