Outreach Programs


The first outreach program of Angel House supports the seven Day Care Centers in the local barangay of Bato-bato, providing resources to help the young children attending these centers. We also have an annual rehabilitation program to paint the centers, repair or replace broken furniture, provide swing sets and build playhouses. These Day Care centers will be colorful and exciting places that will enhance the learning environment for impoverished youngsters in the local community.

Donation of books to a Day-care center.
Total renovation of a day-care center,inside and outside.
Last year we started a small scholarship program for poor families that are unable to send their young children to school and we now have thirty young scholars in our program, sponsored by 'Moms against Poverty'.
Every child has the right to a good education and it is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in many families. The parents struggle to put food on the table and have no money left for school uniforms, educational supplies and payments requested by the school.
Our focus is on the young children starting pre-school and we will cover all school expenses and provide uniforms and educational support for these students. We will monitor carefully their attendance and encourage the support of the parents in making sure their children are in school.
Christmas gifts for our scholars. 
                                       FEEDING PROGRAM
Our feeding program provides a 25kg sack of rice monthly to twenty very needy families in our community. This program is funded by 'Moms against Poverty'. Rice is a staple of the Filipino diet and so a major expense for families, this program will hopefully address the malnutrition and poverty that has happened due to the pandemic restriction.
                                     RENOVATION PROGRAM 
This year we have allocated funds to renovate the dilapidated houses of some of the recipients on our feeding program, giving them a habitable home that provides safety and protection from the tropical weather. Each home will be provided with a solar light and access to clean drinking water.
A single mother with two children live here.    The same house after a five day renovation.