August 21, 2017

Another week with some new admissions to Angel House; we collected these three siblings last Friday and they have settled in really well; a four year old boy and his two younger sisters that are three years old and eleven months old; the infant is malnourished. They will stay with us for temporary care while the social workers find ways of improving the present situation of the family. PHOTO: The three children with their grandmother and our senior caregiver (holding the infant).


We have been trying to locate the mother of our premature baby, who is doing well under our professional care, but so far we have not had any success. Our social worker will continue to do some detective work and attempt to trace her family. PHOTO: You can see how small she is when compared to my thumb!


We celebrated another birthday on Saturday as Jen became two years old; Jen and her older sister, Jes, have been with us for more than one year and their case is very complicated. Jen is a very sweet girl who loves her cuddles and playing outside in our garden. Everyone enjoyed sharing the ice cream and birthday cake with Jen. PHOTO: The birthday girl gives a sweet smile.