January 22, 2018

We continued to have problems with illness last week with several children requiring visits to the local health center for a medical check-up; mostly diarrhea or fever again. So right now we have Two children in hospital and a long list of children requiring medicines and keeping our resident nurse very busy! Our doctor thinks that the persistent damp weather is one of the reasons we have had so many sick children; hopefully the dry season is coming soon. Meanwhile, one-year old VN and her three-year old sister AM are recovering in the hospital and may be discharged today.

One-year old JB and our social worker left on Sunday afternoon for the two-hour flight to Manila and yesterday they met with adoptive parents Xavier and Sabrina from Belgium for the first time. They will spend some time with JB and then today is the official handover at the ICAB office. I will try and post the photos on Facebook later this week for everyone to see. PHOTO: JB has his forever family waiting for him.