November 13, 2017

We were planning a special trip to the beach last Saturday to celebrate the birthday of our founder and Executive Director, Sir David (kuya daddy to the kids), as well as the 5th birthday of RC. We had conflicting information regarding the birthdate of RC; the report from the refuge center stated it as November 7, 2013, but when our social worker interviewed his mother she thought it might be August, 2012! We finally managed to obtain his birth certificate and his birthday was confirmed as November 6, 2012, so we now know he is five years old. For once the weather was against us as it was a dull and rainy day, so we decided to postpone our celebration until next Saturday; hopefully the sun will shine for us then. PHOTO: Five-year old RC is a sweet little boy who has had a difficult start in life and needs a family that will truly love him.


This week we are hoping to discharge one-year old EJ to the custody of his aunt and uncle after staying with us since he was two months old; we had started to process his paperwork for adoption, but are pleased that his relatives stepped forward and offered to care for him. PHOTO: EJ is ready for a new home.


We are also planning to transfer two siblings to stay with a foster family; four-year old Jes and her two-year old sister Jen have stayed in Angel House since April, 2016. Their case is complicated and we can see no clear path forward in terms of a return to their relatives, so foster parents can provide the family structure they need at this time. More details in next week’s news about Jes & Jen.

Our VIRTUAL STORE now has plenty of Christmas gifts for you to choose from, just select your gift and make your payment; no need to worry about expensive freight charges as we will buy the item here in the Philippines. A great way to share your blessings this holiday season and make it a special Christmas for our little angels; toy trucks, tricycles, cribs and more, the choice is yours!