What We Need

As a Guardian Angel you can choose to send a donation in cash or items that we need for our young children. Every organization needs money to pay for staff, utilities, diesel and basic foods and medicines. We also need to pay for repairs to buildings, equipment and vehicles, as well as birth certificates, medical check-ups and plenty of baby formula! 

If you would like to donate some things that we need, here is an updated list of items. Please check with your carrier as some items may not be allowed through customs.
You can also now 'buy' these and many more items using our VIRTUAL STORE 

Baby formula (0-3 years) Towels and linen diapers
Disposable diapers (for trips out) Toys and Picture books
Baby and toddler clothing rice
Underwear (0-6, new only) Slippers (beach type)
Christmas gifts multi-vitamins
We also need a laptop for our social worker that will be used in our main office and when she is doing outreach. We need a 15" screen with windows 10 installed.