Recent News

July 15, 2024

Last week was extremely busy as we prepared everything for the forty elementary school students that receive educational assistance, thanks to the generous financial support of GPS Renting LLC, Seattle, USA. We provide uniforms, schoolbags and all the school supplies they need to start the school year on July 29. We had so many grateful parents facing financial constraints that prevented their children from attending school. A big thanks to GPS Renting for supporting our community programs, including a feeding initiative for twenty poor families. PHOTOS: A room full of school supplies. Excited kids receive their schoolbags filled with everything they need to be successful.

Last Friday we made the long journey to Baganga, more than three hours from Angel House, to have a case conference and re-unite a two-year-old girl with her mother and grandmother. This beautiful little girl has been with us for over one year and we will miss her bubbly personality, but we are happy that she is now back with her loving family. Her mother is still in high school and determined to finish her education and give her young child a better life. PHOTO: A happy family once again.

This week we have three siblings that will also be returning to their mother after more than two years in Angel House. Look out for their photos in next week’s update!